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Mary E. Twomey know hows to write a twist on a fairy tale. Her take on “Sleeping Beauty” is a must read. But don’t take my word for it. Read the following excerpt to get a taste that will make you hungry for more.

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Excerpt from Beauty’s Cursed Sleep

Chapter Two.
Rory Johnstone, the Criminal

“If only I had a Pulse, breaking and entering would be so much easier.”

The teasing voice on the other end of the line tsked her, as if he could see her tripping over the errant roots along the path behind the log cabin. “My, my. Rory Johnstone, what a devious little minx you are.”

“If my Pulse was Sweetness, I could cajole the nearest locksmith and get myself inside with a simple touch. Or if my Pulse was Persuasion. But no.”

“Your problem isn’t that you were born a Deadpulse, but that you ran away without securing the key from me first.”

“You sure you can’t meet me up here? Come on, Henry. The last time the three of us went on vacation was how many years ago? Three? Four? That’s shameful.” The bottom of Rory’s black ballet flats were sticky from pine tree sap, but that didn’t dampen her spirits. She was determined to make the most of her getaway. It was only a matter of time before her guard tracked her down and brought her back home.

“I don’t think I can persuade Adam to leave his castle, and sadly, I have actual princely duties to tend to.”

“Because you’re so very important?” she mocked him with a smile as she climbed the steps onto the dark  wood stained deck, plopping her backpack down on the picnic table.

“You joke, but yes. One day when my father hands down his crown to me, and your father hands down his seat on the head of the council to you, then it’ll be you and me ruling Avondale. One of us has to be the responsible adult today. As you’re the one ditching your guard and running through the woods toward a cabin without a key, I guess that’ll have to be me.”

Rory balked, flipping her straight black hair over her shoulder. “You know that’s usually me! You told me this was a good idea. You’re the one who agreed that I was working too much, and needed a break.”

“Ah, that’s right. I’m so wise. But did I tell you to run off without the key?”

Rory grumbled as she cupped her hands on either side of her face, peering in through the cabin window. “Who doesn’t keep a spare key lying around?”

“Um, princes who value their privacy.”

She squinted, her lips drawing to the side. “It looks like you redecorated.”

“Did I? That’s probably true. I haven’t had all that much time to get out to the cabin. The last time I was there, I want to say I bought a giant bear rug. Thought it might scare away prowlers. Frightened me enough in the store. However, it doesn’t seem to be working on keeping you out, so perhaps I should ask for my money back.”

“If the whole prince thing doesn’t work out for you, I don’t recommend a career in comedy.” She cast around for anything she could use to pry open the window. “How mad would you be if I broke the window?”

“Somewhere between hopping and raging.”

“Bill me. I’m not going back. Benjamin will be so mad when he realizes I ditched him. One week alone. That’s all I wanted.”

“And you could’ve had that. With your guard.”

“I feel like you don’t understand what ‘alone’ means.”

“I feel like you don’t understand what ‘breaking and entering’ means.”

Cinderella has a dark secret. The Little Mermaid loses more than her voice. And Little Red Riding Hood isn’t so little anymore.

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