You Can Still Win a Prize in My Giveaway!
Holiday Book Bash Extravaganza 2016 Starts Today!
Naughty or Nice? #MistletoeHop

You Can Still Win a Prize in My Giveaway!

Holiday Book Bash Extravaganza 2016 Cailin BristeThe Holiday Book Bash Extravaganza is still in full swing through the 18th at 10:00 pm EST, but my little spot in the party is still open for comments, likes, and shares. You’ll especially want to add your comment in my prize thread. All you need to do is answer a question we should all consider.

If Santa could stuff any character from a romance novel in your stocking, who would you like to find in it on Christmas morning? Decisions! Decisions! To make it easier, I’ll add romantic leads in movies to the choices you can make.Click To Tweet



Holiday Book Bash Extravaganza 2016 Starts Today!

Holiday Book Bash Extravaganza 2016 Cailin Briste

I’m so excited. The party starts today! My thread will open at 7:30 pm EST. Once I’ve made my initial welcome post, you may comment in my thread at any time until the party ends on the 18th to be entered in my giveway. I will be responding to comments in my thread throughout the party.

What can you win” A copy of Maon: Marshal of Tallav, my December 2016 release, in the eBook format of your choice and a $10 Amazon gift card.

If you haven’t been to a Facebook party before, it’s easy to participate. Read the event posts and add your own comments to each author’s thread. Look for my thread with Cailin Briste in the subject line. You must read and post there to be entered in my giveaway. Lots of luck!

Naughty or Nice? #MistletoeHop

Mistletoe Hop 2016

Mistletoe means kissing. There’s definitely kissing in Shane: Marshal of Tallav. (Keep reading to find out how you can win a copy!)

Kiss #1: “He kissed her forehead, turned her, and with a hand on her bottom, pushed her toward the door.”

No, no, no. That won’t do. There’s got to be better kissing scenes than that!

Kiss #2: (the one that didn’t happen): “Kissing her now was out of the question.”

Oh, good grief Charlie Brown! Try again!

Kiss #3: (the one he’s thinking about) “The serious little furrow on her forehead begged to be kissed. She was wonderfully sweet, a sweetness he longed to taste and explore. First he would do what he’d been wanting to do since he’d caught sight of her sailing over the bar, her incredible ass on full display.”

Okay, that was closer but still no cigar. And if he wasn’t planning on kissing her, what were his intentions?

Kiss #4: “With a tug, he pulled her against him and began a soft perusal of her lips. It was almost painful to brush against a mouth he wanted to plunder. He slowly drew the tip of his tongue across her plump bottom lip. When she opened to him, he kissed her deeply, tasting and teasing.”

Well okay now we’re kissing.

Naughty or Nice?

Sons of Tallav - Shane - Maon - Rand - Cailin BristeI may write naughty, erotic romance, but I’ve been very nice–to my readers. I’ve published two books in the Sons of Tallav series (Shane and Maon) and am offering two free short stories for signing up for my newsletter (“Merry Christmas, Santa” and “The Key.” I’m also busy writing a novella, Matou & Me, that will be published in a boxed set in April 2017 and the third book in the Sons of Tallav series: Rand.

My books, however, are naughty. And I do awful things to my heroes and heroines. One was shot. Another poisoned. Then there’s the flogging, caning, and predicament bondage. But those aren’t really naughty in the same sense. The characters were all on board for the BDSM.

Wuv, twue wuv...Even when I’m naughty to my characters, I do always give them a happily ever after. It just takes some doing to get them there. The Sons of Tallav series takes place in the future. Each novel has elements of suspense. The heroes are all marshals of Tallav. No, not western style marshals, more like modern-day U.S. Marshals. Tallav is a very special planet, in an obscure corner of the vast Federation. There are no alien species, just humans doing what humans do best, live life raw and unfiltered.

Shane: Marshal of Tallav

Duty has made Shane Tiernan’s life miserable leaving him desperate for relief. Satisfaction arrives in the form of a long-legged paid submissive he’ll do anything to keep bound and under him.

Maon: Marshal of Tallav - Cailin Briste

Maon Keefe has always embraced the player lifestyle, until he discovers a mysterious Domme who brings him to his knees.

Add a comment to this post while we’re Mistletoe Hopping (post by Dec. 20, 2017, 11:59 pm EST to win a copy of Shane: Marshal of Tallav. Then continue on to the next hop stop.

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