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Chasing Chanda – New Freebie
Merry Christmas, Santa Free at Amazon, Kobo, Google Play
Cailin Briste’s 2018 Book Release Plans

Chasing Chanda – New Freebie

I’ve been promising a non-BDSM short story freebie for subscribing to my newsletter for a long time. Finally, it’s here. New newsletter subscribers will get links to Chasing Chanda and The Key. Current subscribers will get their link in my next newsletter.

Chasing Chanda - Cailin Briste

Chasing Chanda

He was her protector, yet not. He was here to retrieve her. To take her back. It was time to run again.


Chasing Chanda began as my early attempt at writing a short story years ago. A rediscovered, unfinished nugget, it required a lot of work to rewrite into something worthy to offer my readers today. 

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Merry Christmas, Santa Free at Amazon, Kobo, Google Play

This is the Christmas freebie I’ve given away for the last few years to my newsletter subscribers. I’m working on a new story for this year, so I’ve published Merry Christmas, Santa perma-free for everyone. I hope you enjoy the first BDSM story I ever wrote. Derek, Siever, and Jane are still dear to my heart, and I imagine them out on their freighter in deep space living, loving, and struggling to keep their relationship from falling apart.

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Derek doesn’t mind the bouncing, but the jingling is getting on his nerves when Jane decorates for Christmas. Life on board a long-haul space ship can get frustrating, but when the trio on board includes the needs of a sadist, a masochist, and a submissive, it can get explosive. With his boy elf, Siever, rebelling, Derek dons his Santa Dom hat determined to punish those on his naughty list.



Derek thumped two fingers on the instrument panel. The fucking jingling was driving him nuts.

“You’re not going to punish her are you?” Siever asked.

His eyes flicking a quick glare at the man seated next to him, Derek growled, “What business is that of yours?”

When Siever pulled himself up in his seat, Derek could tell he was going to defend Jane.
“Are you sure you want to go there?” Derek asked while he looked over again.

Siever rubbed his arm. “It’s just that she’s so happy she can’t help herself. She’s been looking forward to Christmas for weeks.”

“And I’ve put up with this nonsense for weeks. Once we reach the hyperpulse point and enter hyperspace, we are getting this celebration over, so things can get back to normal around here.”
“Ho, ho, ho.” Siever mumbled under his breath.

Derek thumped the instrument panel. Siever sighed and busied himself with readouts on his side of the panel.


Fuck, why did Derek have to be such an asshole? Derek may be a sadist and Siever a masochist, but that didn’t mean he was a submissive in other areas. Agreeing to Derek assuming the dominant role in this relationship didn’t mean Siever had to put up with his shitty attitude, especially where Jane was concerned. Sure, she loved Derek controlling her. He got that. Controlling and crushing her spirit were two different things. Jane was about the sweetest thing to happen to him in… well, she was the sweetest thing to happen to him. He couldn’t lose that because Derek couldn’t play nice. He wouldn’t.

He wrenched himself from his seat on the bridge and went to find one of the last oranges in the galley cooler. Fresh food would be scarce until they made planetfall three weeks from now. When he entered the break room, he found Jane humming an old Christmas carol while she strung paper Christmas banners throughout the room.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to start acting like an old Scrooge, too?” Jane asked, wrinkling her nose at Siever.

Siever shed his scowl and smiled at her. “Not with our own little Christmas sprite spreading love and joy and jingle all the way.”

Jane giggled, shaking her wrist and jingling the bells on her bracelet. “This is going to be a perfect Christmas. I have my two favorite men with me.” She hopped from the seat she’d been standing on, wrapped her arms around Siever’s neck, and gave him a big, noisy buss.

Download your free copy today to find out how Santa Dom Derek delivers a Merry Christmas.

Cailin Briste’s 2018 Book Release Plans

What’s on Cailin Briste’s horizon for 2018.

A Thief in Love Series
The second book in the series which started with It Takes a Cat Burglar.

This will be Cade and Bassinae’s story and is slated for an April release. If I get it done sooner, it will be released sooner.

Sons of Tallav Series
Shane: Marshal of Tallav and Maon: Marshal of Tallav are reverting back to me from the publisher in mid-May. I’ll be re-releasing them with new covers.

Rand: Son of Tallav is nearly finished and will be released in July.

Once Upon a Rebel Fairy Tale Collection
I’m participating in a collection of stories based on fairy tales, urban fantasy and paranormal. More info on this to come in the future, but the anticipated release date is November 2018.

Other projects to fit in as time allows

Master Trey’s story in the Sons of Tallav Series. The prequel, Educated by the Master, was released this year in the Cosmic Cabaret anthology.

Brody, Pip, and Lil’s first paranormal dragon shifter novel. You can read “A Dragon’s Fury” a short story with these characters for free.

I’m excited for the year of writing before me.

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