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Merry Christmas – 2 Free Gifts
Santa Sadist? What!
Santa’s Got a Naughty List

Merry Christmas – 2 Free Gifts

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Excerpt from Merry Christmas, Santa:

“Hand me the paddle, boy elf.” After taking it from Siever, Derek placed the edge under Jane’s chin and lifted it up. “You’ve been a bad little elf, haven’t you?”

“Yes, Santa. Very bad.”

The Key - BDSM storyExcerpt from The Key:

Kolya was an artist. A sculptor focused on what he termed brutal beauty. He’d tried but failed to convince Tyen to model for him, claiming he’d make it worth her while with a naughty wiggle of his eyebrows. She’d refused, not willing to experience the pain that went along with being the focus of his creative genius. Then he’d grabbed the key, promising to return it if she modeled for him, offering his sadistic little hide and seek game to increase his enjoyment of her eventual capitulation, a game designed to make it impossible for her to win.

She didn’t knock. It wasn’t necessary. People came and went from Kolya’s as they pleased. When she entered, he was motionless, staring at several large sheets of sketches clipped to a line strung across one end of his studio. He was nude except for a chain around his neck. No finer example of the perfection of the male form existed in art or real life.

Santa Sadist? What!

Sons of Tallav Christmas

Who put the Santa hat on Randolph? That is so wrong. He doesn’t look happy about it. Santa Dom Derek isn’t happy about wearing a white fur-trimmed read hat either, but he does for Jane in “Merry Christmas, Santa” one of two free eStories you’ll receive when you sign up for Cailin’s newsletter.


As Derek headed for the door, Siever prompted, “You have to wear the hat, too.”

Derek growled, grabbing it by the white fur ball on the end and thrusting it on his head. Frustrated, he yanked his long dark hair apart where the hat had pushed it over his eyes. Then pulling it off, he quickly bound his hair in a tie to keep it out of his way before replacing it. No sense keeping his hair loose when playtime was in the offing, he snickered to himself.

Siever smirked at him, so Derek grabbed him in a headlock and roughly rubbed his knuckles over his friend’s blonde crew cut head. “Not a word about the hat. Let’s go.”


Santa’s Got a Naughty List

Merry Christmas, Santa“Elves, on your knees. Eyes down, boy elf.” He leered at Siever whose cock was clearly outlined by his stretchy elf shorts. “Santa’s been checking his naughty list and guess what he found?” from “Merry Christmas, Santa.”

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